SuperheroYou combines education and entertainment to inspire intelligent events and experiences that spark deep connections, collaboration, creativity and change.

It’s a community dedicated to helping you unleash your superpower.

What is Your Superpower?

Most of all the creatures on the planet have some sort of unique superpower: the ability to fly, to breathe underwater, to climb walls. Your superpower is so simple, so everyday, you probably never noticed that you have it.

It’s your brain.

And with it, the amazing superpower and abilities to learn, think, create, analyze, innovate, focus, solve problems, remember and imagine.

In today’s fast-paced information age, brain strength has replaced brute strength. Mind power has replaced muscle power. And if knowledge is power, then Learning is Superpower.

Science tells us that our brains have an almost immeasurable capacity to learn. But you still forget people’s names and lose your keys. Why? Because school taught us what to learn, not how to learn. How to focus, how to listen, how to innovate, how to think, how to read faster, how to remember.

I know all these things, you think. And maybe you do. We can teach you to do it better. From mental math and rapid recall to optimizing brain health and hacking flow, we can teach you the most practical and effective strategies that school never taught you.

And when you know these strategies, you can enhance your life in the areas that matter most: your relationships, your business, your health and your personal productivity.

The annual SuperheroYou Conference is your headquarters to discover how to unleash these mental powers. We’ve assembled for you the world’s leading experts in learning, memory, focus and brain health to show you exactly how to use your brain to achieve more success and fulfillment in business and in life. This league of experts will open your mind, share their secrets, and help you trap into your true, inner superhero. And you’ll get to do it all in the company of positive, like-minded people who are equally passionate about changing themselves.

But our conference is only once a year. Maybe you don’t have the financial means to go. Maybe it doesn’t fit in with your schedule. Maybe this is the first time you’ve stumbled upon us. That’s why we have this website, where you can still learn from experts around the world on the topics that matter to you. Except now you can do it for free, from the comfort of your living room, and you get new content every week.

Still, having a superpower does not make a superhero. Superheroes use their gifts to serve. They courageously use their power to make a positive difference in the lives of others, oftentimes facing great danger to do so.

We are facing great danger too. But our great danger is not a massive nuclear weapon or a solar probe. It is our acceptance of mediocrity, saying that it’s O.K. to just be O.K.

It’s not O.K.

Look around you. Can’t you see that the world is in trouble? We need superheroes. But no radioactive spider is going to bite you and give you the ability to stick to walls. You’re not going to suddenly discover that you’re actually an alien with superhuman powers.

No, you have to step up. You have to find your unique strengths and gifts, and use them to inspire others to do the same.

You don’t have to do it alone. We can help you.

We envision a planet of superheroes who want to learn and live at their best, inspiring and helping others along the way. We envision a planet of people who are committed to changing themselves and the world around them.

Are you one of us? Are you willing to fight “OK” to be great? Can you see yourself as – dare we say it – a superhero?

If so, then we are for you.

Welcome to SuperheroYou.