Brain Tip of the Week Follow GPA

Brain Tip of the Week: Follow GPA

If you’ve ever been a student, you know that GPA stands for Grade Point Average. It’s a measure of success that strikes terror into the hearts of teenagers around the world – but what if GPA wasn’t a measure of success but a formula for how to get there? It is in my Brain Tip […]

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Brain Region of the Week: Medulla Oblongata

Brain Region of the Week: Medulla Oblongata

Knowledge is power – and where do we keep all our knowledge? In our brains, of course! So we’re introducing a new feature where each week we highlight a brain region and help you understand what it does. First up? The medulla oblongata. Since the medulla oblongata is part of the brain stem which connects your […]

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8 Brain Benefits of Speaking Multiple Languages

8 Brain Benefits of Speaking Multiple Languages

Most people agree that speaking more than one language is a good thing. You have more job opportunities, can talk to more people and have an easier time on vacation. There are also several ways that speaking multiple languages benefits your brain – whether you grew up multilingual or started learning a new tongue later […]

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superheroyou Brain Tip of the Week- Use Your Imagination

Brain Tip of the Week: Use Your Imagination

Which is more powerful: imagination or knowledge? Most people expect me, a memory/learning expert, to say knowledge. But in fact, my answer is imagination. Your imagination lets you tap into your inner senses and broaden your sense of what’s possible. Did you know that the brain can’t tell the difference between something you vividly imagine […]

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superheroyou How to Deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder

How to Deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Ever heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder? As we move from summer into fall and winter, some people get depressed or SAD – in fact, 36 million Americans suffer from it. (There’s also summer-onset SAD, but we won’t discuss that here.) Researchers haven’t pinpointed the cause of SAD, but it’s likely that the reduced sunlight levels […]

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How to Find the Right Therapist for You

So you’ve decided it’s time to see a therapist. Congratulations! Unfortunately, this is only the first step in a long journey towards finding the right therapist for you. Finding someone you trust with your mental health can be a daunting task. Make life a little easier by following these tips. 1. Get referrals. Therapists refer […]

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superheroyou 6 Alternative Therapies to Consider

6 Alternative Therapies to Consider

When most people think of therapy, they imagine sitting on a couch talking about their feelings while someone attempts to psychoanalyze them. While psychoanalysis is a common form of therapy, there are hundreds of therapies you can use. Here are 6 alternative therapies you might want to consider. 1. Hypnotherapy. Don’t worry! Hypnotherapy isn’t about […]

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superheroyou brain tip of the week define your health goals

Brain Tip of the Week: Define Your Health Goals

There’s a need for accepting responsibility – for a person’s life and making choices that are not just ones for immediate short-term comfort. You need to make an investment, and the investment is in health and education. The above quote comes from Buzz Aldrin – and it turns out this real-life moonwalker was on to […]

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4 Types of Extroversion

The 4 Types of Introversion

We’ve written before about introverts, extroverts and ambiverts. But did you know that there’s not just one type of introversion? Recent studies have found that there are actually 4 types of introverts out there. And psychologist Jonathan Cheek broke them down for us in his study. Social:  It’s not that a social introvert hates being around large groups. He just prefers to socialize in smaller […]

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superheroyou 8 Free Online Self-Assessments to Take

8 Free Online Self-Assessments to Take

You probably spend most of your free computer time watching Netflix. But what if you could learn more about yourself instead? Take the following free online self-assessments to gain a little insight into who you are. 1. Stroop Test. This classic psychological test measures your selective attention capacity and processing skills. You look at a […]

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superheroyou brain tip of the week stop multitasking

Brain Tip of the Week: Stop Multitasking

Think you’re great at multitasking? Think again! Many of us like to multitask because we think it helps us get more done in less time. But study after study has proven that multitasking is actually a terrible idea. One researcher found that multitaskers are terrible at keeping information organized in their head, ignoring irrelevant ideas […]

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10 ways to help out your grandparents

10 Ways to Help Out Your Grandparents

Sunday, September 13 is National Grandparents’ Day. And while it’s great to have a day devoted to our grandparents, it’s more important to take care of them year-round. Here are 10 ways you can help your grandparents remain happy and healthy well into their old age. 1. Cook them a meal. Your grandparents have probably […]

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superheroyou mental health resources

9 Mental Health Resources That Aren’t A Therapist

If you’ve ever struggled with mental health, you’ve probably been urged to go to see a therapist. But what if you don’t think you need to see a professional, or are not ready to do so? What if you can’t afford therapy? What if you have so much stuff to do and aren’t ready to […]

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superheroyou brain tip 35

Brain Tip of the Week: Get Outside

Happy Labor Day, Superheroes! What are you doing today? Are you spending time with family? Are you enjoying the last day of a trip? However you’re celebrating your national holiday, I urge you to take advantage of our last summer holiday, follow my Brain Tip of the Week and get outside! After all, it’s going […]

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Why Mixed Emotions Make Us More Creative

Think of your favorite artist, writer, or even comedian, and you might find a common theme in their most popular works. When they painted that painting, or wrote that Pulitzer-winning novel, they were probably going through a tough personal issue. The saying may be “misery loves company,” but maybe it should be that misery creates creativity? […]

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superheroyou brain tip 34

Brain Tip of the Week: Set Up Your Environment

A famous 1975 study asked scuba divers to memorize random words while underwater and on land. When the divers were tested on these words, researchers found that the divers were more likely to remember the words they’d learned underwater if they were asked to remember them underwater. Conversely, they were more likely to remember the […]

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The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Brains

How do men’s and women’s brains differ? Just asking the question leads to the potential for gender stereotyping. But scientists have found differences in the brains of adult men and women that can actually be detected in the womb. For example, women have language centers on both sides of their brain. This explains why women usually have better […]

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superheroyou brain tip 33

Brain Tip of the Week: Decide

Once upon a time, I did a Kwik Learning training at our office and played a game to teach them about paying attention. There were about 50 people in the room, and as we got closer to the winners, I brought the top performers onstage. The numbers slowly dwindled – to 25, to 15, to […]

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superheroyou spirituality

10 Ways to Increase Your Spirituality

A superhero strives to be healthy in all aspects of his/her life. That’s why we’ve talked about physical and mental health – and why we’re now talking about spiritual health. You might be skeptical, but increasing your spirituality is important to become an all-around better person. Read on to learn more. 1. Know what spirituality […]

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superheroyou mental health 2

10 More Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

Last week, we taught you 10 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health. It’s hugely important to our well-being, but it’s unfortunately talked about far too little. That’s why we’re back with 10 more techniques you can use to feel a little better. 1. Clean. When you’re feeling upset, it’s easy to let dirty […]

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superheroyou brain tip 32

Brain Tip of the Week: Use the Magic of Abra

Some days, focusing on what you need to get done is the easiest task in the world. Maybe your willpower is especially high that day. Maybe somebody put something in your morning coffee. No matter the reason, these are the days you’re in the zone, you’re super-productive and nothing and no one can stop you. […]

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superheroyou mental health

10 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

What does it mean to be healthy? The JingSlingers believe that it’s about both your physical and mental health – and we agree 100%. To be a true superhero, you need to be at the top of your game. That means being happy and mentally healthy. Unfortunately, that can be easier said than done. That’s […]

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10 Psychology Basics Everyone Should Know

Even though it’s mocked as a soft science, human psychology is an important field of study. Knowing the basics of psychology will help you throughout your life. Start with these 10. 1. Bystander Effect. This is a pretty depressing aspect of human psychology. If you see someone who needs help in public, you automatically assume someone […]

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superheroyou brain tip 31

Brain Tip of the Week: Start A Book Club

Quick: how many books have you read this year? If you answered even one, good for you! You’re already beating 28% of Americans. That’s the percentage of people who responded to a HuffPost/YouGov poll in 2013 and hadn’t read a single book in the past year. Sadly, that statistic won’t be shocking to many of […]

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