Understanding the 4 Productivity Styles

Before you can maximize your productivity, you have to learn what productivity style you have. Knowing this will help you find the productivity system that works best for you. According to Carson Tate, there are four productivity styles – and we’ve broken them down for you below. 1. The Prioritizer. The most task-oriented of the […]

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superheroyou productivity myths

10 Productivity Myths You Need to Stop Believing

The Internet abounds with hacks and tips we can use to be more productive. But in order to be as productive as possible, you might need to change the way you think about productivity. Here are 10 productivity myths you should stop believing. 1. The longer I work, the more productive I am. Who is […]

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superheroyou flow

Flow State: What It Is, and How to Get It

Have you ever become so involved in what you were doing that you lost track of time? Perhaps you were writing a paper or surfing and suddenly, everything clicked. You felt totally connected and forgot about your surroundings – and at one point, you looked up and were shocked to learn that hours had passed. Athletes […]

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superheroyou toys desk

Why You Should Keep Toys at Your Desk

Of all the things that you keep at your desk, which do you think are the most helpful for your productivity? Your daily planner? Your notebook? Your calendar? These are all great to have around to help you get things done, but you’re probably missing another great tool: toys. Toys get a bad rap. Adults […]

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superheroyou browser extensions

12 Browser Extensions to Save You Time

How much time do you spend with your browser open on a daily basis? Probably a lot, especially if your job requires you to be on the Internet. So why not turn your browser into a productivity tool? There are a lot of extensions that can turn your browser into a time-saving machine. Here are […]

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10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be More Productive

Unlocking your inner superhero and becoming more productive go hand in hand. That’s why we’re bringing you even more productivity tips – and this time they’re backed by science. 1. Work less. Spending more time at work doesn’t mean you accomplish more. It could just be a sign you don’t manage your time efficiently. American […]

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productivity challenges

9 Productivity Challenges to Try

Being productive is easier said than done. So why not gamify it? Here are 9 productivity challenges to help you get more done and have a little fun at the same time. 1. 31-Day Morning Hacks Challenge. There’s nothing like having a great morning routine to start your day off on the right (read: productive) […]

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10 Tricks to Shopping More Efficiently

You can become more efficient at any task – even shopping. Here are some of our best tips to save you time and money. 1. Research. Luckily, this tip is easy to follow because most of us end up online shopping when we’re bored. If you’re in need of a new laptop or a new dress, […]

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8 Time-Saving Hacks

If there’s one thing that we love, it’s finding ways to become more efficient and thus productive. That’s why we rounded up these 8 time-saving hacks. 1. Make lemon juice cubes. Tea with lemon is the perfect drink hot or cold – but making your own can be so annoying, which is why we reach for […]

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Startup Stock Photos

9 Tips for More Productive Meetings

Let’s face it: most of the meetings we attend are long, boring and useless. But they don’t have to be! Make your meetings fit for a superhero with the following tips. 1. Cancel the meeting. Before you have any meeting, ask yourself: do you need to have a meeting? A meeting is a good idea if […]

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essential tools productivity

Essential Tools for Productivity

We all have slightly different productivity systems that work best for us. But most really great productivity systems have the following elements in common. Is yours missing any? Read on to find out. 1. A timer. It’s essential to know how long each task takes as we are doing it, so we don’t accidentally spend […]

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The Case for Doing Nothing

Summer vacation used to mean that for 2 months we were free to completely veg out. For 60+ days, we let our brains forget everything we learned in the past year. But as adults? We’re lucky if we can snag two weeks of downtime. And vacation is never really vacation anymore. Most of us obsessively check our work […]

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6 Ways to Declutter

How many of you have desks that are littered with unnecessary detritus? Post-Its, empty water bottles, and magazines you’ve already read should not be taking up space on your desk. That’s why we’ve compiled this helpful list of tips on how to declutter. 1. Learn what you use every day. If you don’t use something […]

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superheroyou internet productive

10 Productive Things to Do When the Internet is Out

Much of our lives revolve around the Internet. We use it for work and for play – and for many of us, this has been the reality for nearly all our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes our WiFi goes out. But there is life offline! Here are 10 productive things you can do when the internet is […]

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superheroyou clothing hacks

15 Clothing Hacks to Try

Did you know how useful clear nail polish could be in your closet? What about some vodka? Find out these clothing hacks and more in the list below. 1. Take advantage of your freezer. Don’t like washing your jeans? Putting them in the freezer will kill some bacteria and cool off your legs in the […]

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superheroyou items to carry

7 Handy Items You Need to Carry

What do you never leave the house without? For most people, the answer is always the same: wallet, cell phone, keys. But having a few extra items handy could really help you out in a pinch. Consider stashing the following in your purse, car, pocket or even the office desk drawer. 1. A sewing kit. […]

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superheroyou smartphone writing

The Case for Writing On Your Smartphone

If you’ve got a big paper or report to write, your first order of business is probably firing up your laptop. But have you ever considered writing on your smartphone instead? I discovered this trick as a sophomore in college, when I was required to write a 10-page Spanish paper. My reasons for turning to my […]

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superheroyou packing tips

14 Tips to Pack More Efficiently

Some people overstuff a giant checked bag for a 3-day weekend. Others can go backpacking for months with just a tiny carry-on. You should aspire to be the second person – after all, packing light means you have less stuff to carry around and more room for souvenirs! Not sure how to pack efficiently? We’ve […]

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superheroyou productive time 2

12 More Productive Times of Day

Last week, we brought you 12 Most Productive Times of Day. Essentially, we have internal body clocks that average around 24.5 hours and determine what the best time is for everything from exercising to drinking alcohol. In addition, other people’s body clocks have an affect on the best time that you should do certain activities. […]

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superheroyou time of day

12 Most Productive Times of Day

What does it mean to be more productive? Most people think of strategies or tools they can use – but they forget that there are clocks they’re not considering. First, we forget to consider external factors like other people’s schedules. Secondly, we forget about our own internal clocks. We have a ‘circadian rhythm’ that tells us when […]

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5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Anything Done

Productivity is a buzzword that tons of people throw around without really knowing what it means. Basically, it’s your ability to get things done – whether that’s a monthly report or finally doing your laundry. Are you trying to be productive and just not succeeding? We’ve figured out some of the most common reasons why people […]

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