Separating Fact from Fiction: 10 Fat Facts You Need to Know

Separating Fat from Fiction: 10 Fat Facts You Need to Know

“Everyone seems to be talking about fat these days. That fat somehow is good now and can help with weight loss and disease prevention. How can that be true when for decades we all were told that fat was the bad guy? What are its benefits? Are there any downsides to eating more fat?” Is […]

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Superhero Secrets Dave Asprey

Superhero Secrets: Dave Asprey

Ever heard of Dave Asprey? If you have even a passing interesting in biohacking, he’s the guy to know. In his mid-twenties, Dave was a multimillionaire Silicon Valley entrepreneur who weighed 300 pounds. After traditional diet and exercise failed, Dave spent nearly 20 years and $300,000 hacking his own biology. Not only did his unique methods help him […]

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SuperheroSecrets Dr Jeff Spencer

Superhero Secrets: Dr. Jeff Spencer

We’ve had authors and Hollywood stars on #SuperheroSecrets. Next up? An Olympic athlete. Today, Dr Jeff Spencer coaches people to their highest level of performance with his Champion’s Blueprint High Achievement Program. But in 1972, Dr Spencer was a member of the US Cycling Team in the Munich Summer Olympics. In his program, Dr. Spencer […]

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Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 1.47.02 PM

Superhero Secrets: Alexa Meade

Nowadays, many of us are obsessed with making 2D images more realistic – think 3D movies. But for Alexa Meade, our latest guest on #SuperheroSecrets, it’s just the opposite. Alexa paints three-dimensional objects to make them look two-dimensional. (Confused how this works? Check out her TED talk.) Alexa’s art is incredibly unique, but all that […]

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SuperheroSecrets Christina Rasmussen

Superhero Secrets: Christina Rasmussen

We’ve had a lot of pretty incredible superheroes on #SuperheroSecrets, but our latest guest is definitely our most unique. Christina Rasmussen has dedicated her life to helping people start over after loss – founding a website and writing a book called Second Firsts. She’s also starting a brand-new nonprofit called the Life Starters, a social […]

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Superhero Secrets Emily Morse

Superhero Secrets: Dr. Emily Morse

Sex. Arguably one of the most important elements of a relationship, but people are afraid to talk about it. That’s where Dr. Emily Morse comes in – as host of the Sex with Emily podcast, this real-life superhero spends hours every week answering all the sex questions you’re afraid to ask. So we got her to answer […]

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Superhero Secrets Helen Irlen

Superhero Secrets: Helen Irlen

“I hate reading.” To avid readers, it’s a statement that’s difficult to comprehend. But lots of people hate reading. It’s not that they’re bad at reading – but reading gives them a headache, or they get incredibly tired. 30 years ago, Helen Irlen wanted to find out why. What she discovered has changed thousands of lives […]

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secrets by brendon mark 3

Superhero Secrets: Brendon Burchard and Dr. Mark Hyman, Part 3

They’ve discussed their bestselling books and their real-life superpowers. In their final Superhero Secrets episode, personal development guru Brendon Burchard and brain health expert Dr. Mark Hyman reveal some of the secrets to their success. One common thread? “Take back your morning,” as Mark said. What that means exactly…well, you’ll have to watch the video […]

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brendon mark part 2

Superhero Secrets: Brendon Burchard and Dr. Mark Hyman, Part 2

On Monday, we presented Part 1 of our interview with Dr. Mark Hyman and Brendon Burchard. In Part 2, they share their biggest Superhero Secrets: their real-life superpowers. Like all of us, these real-life superheroes have more than one superpower. But they also spread these powers farther than most. “Everyone’s so much like, ‘I need to change […]

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Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 5.49.00 PM

Superhero Secrets: Brendon Burchard and Dr. Mark Hyman, Part 1

Brendon Burchard is the New York Times bestselling author of The Motivation Manifesto, and founder of High Performance Academy. Dr. Mark Hyman has written 8 New York Times bestsellers, most recently the 10-Day Detox Diet, and is a health expert renowned the world over. So you can imagine how psyched we were to interview both of […]

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Superhero Secrets Alexandra Jamieson

Superhero Secrets: Alexandra Jamieson

You might remember Alexandra Jamieson as the vegan chef and co-creator of Super Size Me, the 2004 documentary about how fast food affects your body. But a lot has changed in 11 years. Notably, Alex is no longer a vegan chef. While the diet worked well for her for a decade, she began to have hormonal imbalances […]

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Superhero Secrets for Your Best Year Ever

Happy New Year, Superheroes! No matter how your 2015 has started (or will start, depending on your time zone), this year, make sure you have a SUPER year. How can you do that? By heeding the advice from real-life superheroes like Arianna Huffington and Quincy Jones. Watch the video above, then check out the post below […]

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Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 10.50.34 AM

Superhero Secrets: Rainbeau Mars, Part 2

On Friday, we posted Part 1 of Rainbeau Mars’ Superhero Secrets, where she discussed how we can take care of our bodies with the 21-Day Superstar Cleanse. In Part 2, Rainbeau shifts her focus from how we can change our bodies to how we can change the world. A lot of that has to do […]

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Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 11.01.36 AM

Superhero Secrets: Rainbeau Mars, Part 1

Rainbeau Mars. The moniker implies you’ll meet someone incredibly unique, and the woman doesn’t disappoint. An actor, author and activist, Rainbeau sat down to discuss her Superhero Secrets, like the philosophy behind her book the 21-Day Superstar Cleanse. “I figure you can’t do anything for 365 days out of the year, but you can do […]

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Superhero Secrets Madison Peach Steiner

Superhero Secrets: Madison Peach Steiner

At 20, most of us were still struggling to pick out our college major. Not Madison Peach Steiner, our latest guest on Superhero Secrets. At 20, Madison founded Peach’s Neet Feet, a random acts of kindness-based foundation that sends hand painted shoes to sick children to help celebrate their uniqueness. It’s often all too easy […]

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Brandon Routh SS Featured Image

Superhero Secrets: Brandon Routh

You might not know the name Brandon Routh, but you’ve definitely seen him on your screen. He starred as Clark Kent/Superman in 2006’s Superman Returns and is currently playing The Atom on Arrow – which makes him especially suited to a stint on Superhero Secrets. It’s not often we chat with someone who got to play […]

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Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 9.09.02 AM

Superhero Secrets: Keith Ferrazzi

Ever heard of Never Eat Alone? This bestselling business tome teaches the networking secrets used by world leaders like the Clintons and the Dalai Lama…and we got a chance to sit down with its author, Keith Ferrazzi, in the latest episode of Superhero Secrets. Keith is full of networking tips, but sometimes that advice is […]

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Mary Featured Image

Superhero Secrets: Mary Shenouda

Recently, we launched #SuperheroHQ in California, USA. In addition to some fabulous parties, this also comes with the launch of Superhero Secrets – short interviews with some of our super attendees. Our first real-life superhero is Mary Shenouda, AKA Mary the Paleo Chef. Mary knows that becoming a superhero isn’t just about fitness, food or mindset. You have […]

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Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 5.35.00 PM

5 Keys to SMASHING Procrastination

Procrastination: It’s the nemesis of productivity and a villain we all face. Luckily, our new Head of Security at Superhero HQ is a pro at smashing all our foes, and procrastination is no exception. In the video above, SuperheroYou founder Jim Kwik tells us the 5 Keys to SMASHING Procrastination. We won’t give all the […]

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Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 3.22.08 PM

Emma Watson on Why Men Need Feminism

As Hermione Granger, Emma Watson taught a generation of girls that it was cool to be smart, that it could save her life. In real life, Emma is spreading a similarly feminist message. But this time, her main target is men. Yesterday, Emma introduced a campaign called HeForShe in her capacity as a U.N. Goodwill […]

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A Real-Life Superhero: Admiral William H. McRaven

As aspiring Superheroes, we all want to change the world – and that might be easier than you think. Maybe you won’t change the world in one fell swoop. But what if you changed the lives of 10 people, who went on to change 10 more lives? If 8,000 people did that, they’d change the […]

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Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard on the Charged Life

Just before you die, you will ask yourself: Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter? Those are the questions Brendon Burchard asked when he received a second chance at life, and the questions he now asks himself every night. After a bad breakup in college, Burchard took a summer job in the Dominican […]

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patrick stewart test

A Real-Life Superhero: Patrick Stewart

In X-Men: Days of Future Past, Patrick Stewart plays Professor Charles Xavier, a telepathic mutant who runs a school. While Professor X is today respected as the leader of the X-Men, this was not always the case. He was abused as a child by his stepfather – a life experience he shares with the actor who […]

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A Real-Life Superhero: Peter Dinklage

Whether you know him as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones or Bolivar Trask in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Peter Dinklage is hard to like on-screen. Luckily, Dinklage is far kinder in real-life, as demonstrated in the 2012 commencement speech he gave at his alma mater, Bennington College. Sprinkled between the sparks of wit and the […]

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