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Bianca Rosembert is an evolving 20 year old New York City based journalist. Some of her notable works have been published on Huffington and Her goal as a young writer is to reach out to younger generations via publications and social media about the changing world.

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Why it’s Important to Separate Your Workspace from Your Bedroom

We all know that getting enough quality sleep is essential to daily function. But after 16.3 hours of work and other activities, the average working American with children gets just 7.7 hours of sleep. In other words, we spend more time doing everything else than we do sleeping. That’s probably no surprise – when was the last […]

Real-Life Superhero of the Week: Misty Copeland

Renowned ballet dancer and trailblazer Misty Danielle Copeland was born on September 10, 1982. She is of African-American, German-American and Italian-American descent, which would prove to be a challenge upon entering the classical ballet world. Copeland grew up in a poor unstable home, being one of six kids. She did not grow up with her […]

Why Having a Best Friend Can Be a Form of Therapy

Finding a loyal best friend who loves you unconditionally is a rare gift. If you are lucky enough to meet that person, it can make dealing with the pains of life so much easier. Whether this person has been in your life for nine years or just one, it doesn’t change the impact he/she has […]

How ‘Netflix and Chill’ Is Ruining Your Dating Life

The act of dating has lost its purpose throughout the last couple of years. In the past, you would date to find the potential “one”. Dating allowed couples to become acquainted with each other by going out and spending quality time together. Now it has become a social norm to skip this phase. The popularity of ‘Netflix and […]

5 Signs You’re Straining Your Body During Workouts

This fall, I decided to enroll in ballet classes after a 4-year break. But I took ballet from 8 to 16 – and since I already had experience, I jumped right into all the movements full force. Within the first week, my left ankle was sickling and I could barely step down on my left foot. […]

Why You Should Resist Buying Every Generation of a Phone

Years ago, upgrading your cell phone meant getting a whole new phone with a completely different dynamic design. Each phone had something fascinatingly unique. Think back to 2007 when Danger, Inc. launched the Sidekick. This phone became popular because with one flick of your finger, the screen would rotate upright. Soon afterwards, people began trading in […]