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Dann is a freelance journalist dedicated to helping readers lead better lives through meeting their potential through technology, organization, and positive thinking. Rather than being transformed by cosmic radiation, he draws on his experiences in marathon running, graduate school, and living abroad, to help people find real-world solutions to real-world problems.

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5 Awesome and Meaningful Superhero Tattoos

We all want to be superheroes — maybe not to fight crime and save the world, but at the very least to live our lives to the fullest and to inspire others. Many people forever embed superheroes under their skin as tattoos to serve as a reminder of this aspiration. Not all superhero tattoos have […]

8 Websites to Find Fast Superhero Workouts

Working out regularly is great – it’s good for your body, it’s good for your mind, and it’s good for your spirit. But finding the time to get a workout in can be tough. Luckily, you don’t need to carve out hours of time every day to get fit! These websites will help you get a […]

The Supervillain Sabotaging Your Productivity

Every superhero has a nemesis, a villain so evil the intrepid hero spends his entire super life trying to save society and humanity from the villainy perpetrated by this nefarious character. And in developing your own productive superpowers, you’ll likely face one of the most common supervillains that lays siege to your efforts: the execrable e-mail. […]

8 Tips to Get More From Your Workouts

So you’re working out regularly – great! That’s a fantastic first step toward living a healthier life. But if you’ve reached a plateau in your gains, or you just don’t have much time to dedicate to working out, you might want to make some changes to your workouts so you can get the most out of […]

6 Books that Explore the Relationship Between Science and Spirituality

For decades, people have been characterizing the relationship between science and spirituality as a battle: science as hard reason, and spirituality as blind faith. They are forever opposed and fighting for dominance – but they don’t have to be. Faith and science can not only coexist, but also help us deepen our understanding and appreciation […]

Why You Should Keep Toys at Your Desk

Of all the things that you keep at your desk, which do you think are the most helpful for your productivity? Your daily planner? Your notebook? Your calendar? These are all great to have around to help you get things done, but you’re probably missing another great tool: toys. Toys get a bad rap. Adults […]

12 Browser Extensions to Save You Time

How much time do you spend with your browser open on a daily basis? Probably a lot, especially if your job requires you to be on the Internet. So why not turn your browser into a productivity tool? There are a lot of extensions that can turn your browser into a time-saving machine. Here are […]

4 Ways to Organize Your To-Do List

Think just writing stuff down and crossing it off is the best way to go? Think again.

Why You Should Own a (Paper) Notebook

Just because you CAN use technology doesn’t mean you always should.

Turning Superhero Movie Inspiration into Real-Life Action

Whenever I watch a superhero movie, I find myself very inspired – and who doesn’t? Who doesn’t want to be more like Iron Man or Gamora? To fight evil and make a difference in the world? To take on impossible odds and come out on top? You may not be battling supervillains and saving the […]