Dr. Mark Hyman

Mark Hyman, MD, has dedicated his career to identifying and address- ing the root causes of chronic illness through a groundbreaking whole- systems medicine approach known as Functional Medicine. He is a family physician, a five-time #1 New York Times bestselling author, and an inter- nationally recognized leader in his field. Through his private practice, education efforts, writing, research, advocacy, and public-policy work, he strives to improve access to and expand the practice of Functional Medicine, empowering others to treat the underlying causes of illness, tackling the roots of our chronic-disease epidemic.

Posts by Dr. Mark Hyman

Separating Fat from Fiction: 10 Fat Facts You Need to Know

“Everyone seems to be talking about fat these days. That fat somehow is good now and can help with weight loss and disease prevention. How can that be true when for decades we all were told that fat was the bad guy? What are its benefits? Are there any downsides to eating more fat?” Is […]

Cooking Is a Revolutionary Act by Dr. Mark Hyman

The cure for what ails us — both in our bodies and in our nation — can be found in the kitchen. It is a place to rebuild community and connection, strengthen bonds with family and friends, teach life-giving skills to our children, enrich and nourish our bodies and our souls. Yet, in the twenty-first […]