Radhika Basuthakur


Two years ago, Radhika left her desk job behind to become a digital nomad and has been a full time traveler, ever since. She runs a completely location independent marketing agency that allows her to travel and work from anywhere. She blogs at Fulltime Nomad. You can also connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Posts by Radhika Basuthakur

7 Ways To Make Money While You Travel

Can’t afford to quit your job and start traveling? No problem! Why don’t you find a job that allows you to indulge your travel bug instead? Making money while you travel is actually much easier than you might think. Here are seven jobs that are great for the wanderlusters among you. 1. Teach English. If you’re a […]

10 Productivity Tools for Remote Workers

If you are a remote worker or freelancer, you know that sometimes staying productive and focused is the biggest challenge of your workday. There are cat videos to be watched, Facebook friends to be stalked, there is online shopping to be done and of course news to be caught up on. In the absence of […]

9 Digital Nomad Superheroes Who Will Make You Want To Quit the Cubicle

Work is no longer a place and digital nomads are revolutionizing the way we work and WHERE we work from. There is a growing list of nomadic workers who are challenging the norms, shunning the cubicle and choosing to create their own work/life balance. These are nine inspiring digital nomad superheroes who really do live […]