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Roselyn Sebastian is a Contributing Editor at SuperheroYou. She wishes she could commute to work via invisible airplane a la Wonder Woman, but instead she uses public transit. In lieu of taking a radioactive spider bite, she scours the Web to bring you all the best ways to channel your favorite heroes.

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‘Arrow’ Recap: Dark Waters

“Dark Waters” opens at a Queen campaign event, where volunteers are cleaning up the beach. It’s all very cute and nice until a drone opens fire on everyone there. Felicity manages to stop the drone before anyone is killed, but it’s a pretty blatant move on Darhk’s part. Back at Arrow HQ, the team wants to understand why […]

‘Arrow’ Recap: Legends of Yesterday

“Legends of Yesterday” will make a lot more sense if you watch this week’s episode of The Flash. Team Arrow and Team Flash are working to keep Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renée) and Carter Hall (Falk Hentschel) safe from the villain Vandal Savage (Casper Grump) who’s been hunting them since ancient Egyptian times. Apparently, Kendra and Carter apparently […]

‘Gotham’ Recap: Worse Than A Crime

The mid-season finale of Gotham is not pulling any punches. “Worse Than A Crime” opens at a garbage dump. To escape Tabitha in the previous episode, Alfred jumped into the back of a garbage truck. The truck has arrived at the dump — and so has Tabitha with backup. They’re hunting for Alfred, who cleverly hides […]

‘Gotham’ Recap: Son of Gotham

“Son of Gotham” opens with Jim in dress uniform. He’s attending the funeral of an officer who was killed by Flamingo in the last episode. After the funeral, he visits Galavan in prison and asks if he knows the name of the officer who was killed — Catherine Parks. Galavan doesn’t. Back at the apartment, Jim tells Leslie he […]

Netflix Documentary of the Week: What Happened, Miss Simone?

Released earlier this year, Netflix’s What Happened, Miss Simone? takes us into the life of music icon Nina Simone. The film is an intimate look at Simone’s life, featuring photographs, excerpts from her own diary, and interviews with friends and family. Simone was a classically trained piano player turned jazz singer whose powerful voice made her unforgettable. […]

Brain Region of the Week: Broca’s Area

If you read the title of this article and understood what it said, you have your Broca’s Area to thank. Originally discovered by Pierre Paul Broca, our Brain Region of the Week is located in the frontal lobe — and is a major player in language comprehension and production. People who have damaged Broca’s areas have […]

Weekly Entertainment Roundup: 11/20/15

I hope you’re all watching Jessica Jones right now! Legends of Tomorrow is definitely going to be on air this January, possibly even Jan. 21st. But considering there’s an Arrow–Flash crossover happening in December, we might see some Legends characters a little before that. Cleveland is going to build a monument to the Man of Steel. […]

Why You Should Date Multiple People

Stop me if this situation sounds familiar at all to you. You connect with someone you meet, either online or in real life, and you actually make plans to meet up again. You meet up a couple more times. You start to think, “I could really like this person,” or, “This person is so fun! […]

‘Arrow’ Recap: Brotherhood

“Brotherhood” opens with the Ghosts attacking an armored car, but Team Arrow is there to stop them from killing the driver. Unfortunately, they can’t stop the Ghosts from blowing up the truck and setting the money inside on fire. Apparently, the federal government was sending that money to prop up Star City’s failing banks. Back […]

Real-Life Superhero of the Week: Margaret Atwood

Happy Birthday, Margaret Atwood! This week’s Real-Life Superhero was born on this day in 1939 in Ontario, Canada to parents Margaret and Carl. A bookworm from an early age, Atwood loved reading and was writing poems and plays by age 6. After graduating from the University of Toronto in 1961 with a Bachelor of Arts in English, […]

10 Apps to Educate Yourself

Apps are for more than just posting pictures of yourself for your friends to see. Download some that will actually help you learn something valuable. We picked the following ten to start. 1. MIT App Inventor. Have you ever wanted to know how an app gets made? Why not try making one yourself with the […]

‘Gotham’ Recap: A Bitter Pill to Swallow

“A Bitter Pill to Swallow” is more about the moral implications of what the characters do than action that’s important to the plot. We open on Tabitha going to a weird daytime gambling den. She speaks with a British woman whose name we never learn (Michelle Gomez). Tabitha is there to hire a hit man to […]

Go Team Human: Quentin Lance

This week we’re highlighting Quentin Lance – the most beleaguered member of the Arrow cast by far. Based on DC Comics character Larry Lance but created for the show, Quentin spends his time holding vigilantes in general and Oliver specifically accountable for the collateral damage they cause. Standing up to someone who could very easily kill you […]

Netflix Documentary of the Week: Do I Sound Gay?

Do people really have “gay voices”? In our Netflix Documentary of the Week, David Thorpe tries to find out. Director David Thorpe’s Do I Sound Gay? addresses one of the most integral parts of the gay stereotype: an effeminate voice. His film tries to discover why there’s a vocal difference between some gay men and their straight counterparts. Inspired […]

9 Ways to Prep Your Body for Winter

There are no words more ominous than the phrase “winter is coming” — and with good reason! Winter means shorter days and colder weather. But before you go into hibernation until March, try these tips to prep your body for winter. 1. Eat your oranges. Whether you decide to get your fix through a supplement or an orange, […]

Brain Region of the Week: Corpus Callosum

This week’s Brain Region is the corpus callosum! It means “tough body” in Latin and it’s primarily responsible for connecting our left and right hemispheres. This means it transports motor, sensory, and cognitive information throughout your brain. Without the corpus callosum, using your brain would basically be the equivalent of trying to make a phone call when […]

Weekly Entertainment Roundup: 11/13/15

Just one more week until Jessica Jones! Suicide Squad has received a PG-13 rating. Not sure how gritty you can be with that but we’re interested to see how they try. And Peggy Carter will be making her debut in the LEGO Marvel Avengers Video Game. The latest actress who’s interested in Captain Marvel is Sienna Miller. […]

‘Arrow’ Recap: Lost Souls

The two most important parts of “Lost Souls” are 1) we find Ray and 2) Felicity and Oliver address some of their relationship issues. Felicity has been working 72 hours straight trying to figure out where Ray is from his transmission. She actually misses an important campaign meeting because she’s lost track of time. When Oliver […]

9 Online Shopping Sites to Use

The Starbucks Christmas cups are out, so the holiday season has officially started! And if you’re like all humans, you probably hate waiting in long lines. So why not shop online this season instead? We’ve rounded up the best sites so you can shop and stay in bed at the same time. 1. River Island.  If you’re tired […]

How to Tackle a Long-Term Project

Working on the same project for months or years on end can be draining. But those long-term projects often have the most benefit to our careers, which means they’re practically unavoidable. That’s why we compiled the following tips to help you out. Research. This should come as no surprise — but any long-term project or task […]

How to Deal with Discouragement at Work

Feeling down or discouraged is bound to happen in your professional life. It’s inevitable. So the trick is not avoiding that feeling — but figuring out how to deal with it when it happens. And here’s how. 1. Pinpoint the reason. Why has work gotten you down? Did you mess up an important meeting or report? Do […]

Go Team Human: Leslie Thompkins

This week awesome human is Leslie Thompkins! A character who’s well known in Batman lore, Leslie first appears in the comics as a doctor who went to school with Thomas Wayne. Due to this relationship, Leslie is often depicted as one of Bruce’s caretakers — alongside Alfred. In nearly all of her iterations, Leslie is […]

7 Rules of Gym Etiquette

Gym etiquette is not something that Miss Manners ever addresses — but it’s something we should all learn. The gym is usually a public space, so be polite. And if there’s anything on this list that you’re guilty of doing, stop! 1.Wipe it off. This is #1 because it’s possibly the grossest no-no on this […]

‘Gotham’ Recap: Tonight’s the Night

“Tonight’s the Night” begins with Barbara dreaming of marrying Jim. But it morphs into a nightmare where she’s forced to attend Jim and Leslie’s wedding bound and gagged. Totally normal and some pretty heavy-handed foreshadowing for the end of the episode. Fortunately for Barbara, it’s just a dream. She wakes up and goes to see […]