Editorial Guidelines

Want to write for SuperheroYou? We’d love to have you. Before you email us, please read our About Us page in addition to the guidelines below.


We accept articles and videos in all categories on the site: Body, Brain, Motivation, SuccessProductivity, Technology, Books, Relationships and Entertainment. Please look through each category to determine where your article would fit best. You may submit as many articles as you like. If you’d like to commit more, you may also apply to be a contributing writer.


Our community is comprised of millennials on a mission to change their lives and change the world. These are 20/30-something’s who aspire to be game changers. They have a deep passion to learn and live at their highest potential.


  • Your post must be original and not previously published, either on the web or in print.
  • You agree not to publish your post anywhere else, including your own blog or website. You may, however, post a brief tease or summary on your website that links to the post.
  • Your post cannot be an advertisement for your business, product or services. We ask that they meet the following three criteria:
    • Practical and Relevant
    • Actionable and Usable
    • Fun and Entertaining
  • Extra points for using ‘superhero’ themes/terms, e.g. origin story, villains, superpowers, sidekicks, good vs. evil, hero’s journey, phrases (faster than a speeding bullet), etc.
  • Your post should be focused on increasing readers’ performances in the aforementioned category.
  • Please cite references and attribute credit where necessary.
  • You may provide up to 3 byline links: for your website, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Articles must be between 500 and 1500 words. Video submissions should be less than ten minutes long.


By submitting to SuperheroYou or applying for a contributing writer position, you agree to do so on a volunteer basis. In exchange for your content, SuperheroYou will provide you with exposure to our fast-growing community of over 100,000 subscribers.


SuperheroYou reserves the right to edit your post for grammar, punctuation, spelling etc. In the unlikely event that we make substantive changes, we will secure your approval before posting.

We may provide a short introduction or conclusion to your post to provide context or explain why we think the post is important. We will ensure that any comments are set off from yours stylistically, to signify to our readers that they are our comments and not yours.

Please make sure you have checked and double-checked for spelling and grammatical errors. We’ll check again, but a quick run-through for missing words can make a big difference. Please be especially sure to spell names correctly.

Any edits are minor and will likely be to match a story to the rest of the page or highlight a relevant news theme. Factors that may influence headline edits include but are not limited to: space, design, repetition, and search engine optimization.


Still interested? If you’d like to apply to be a Contributing Writer, please email your resume, 2 writing samples (links are fine), and 3 pitch ideas to sasha@superheroyou.com with the subject line Contributing Writer Application. Please also note if you’d like to write for a particular section. Contributing writers are asked to contribute at least one post weekly for a period of 3 months.

If you’d like to submit one post, please email sasha@superheroyou.com for consideration (Subject: Article Submission). Your post must be in the body of the email, and not an attachment.

Want to submit a video? Send it to info@superheroyou.com via YouSendIt.com. We may edit in and add a SuperheroYou intro and ending.

If you’re submitting one piece, please include the following in your email:
1) A 3-4 sentence bio with any links you’d like us to include, such as your website or social media pages.
2) A headshot.
3) A list of all references used, if any.


Due to the high volume of submissions, we regret that we can only respond to successful applicants. If you have not heard from us within two weeks, please feel free to publish elsewhere.