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A Few of Your SuperheroYou Speakers & Attendees

This Memorial Day Weekend Join 300 Industry Influencers For
3 Unprecedented Days Of Optimal Brain Power & Performance!

Watch Live Online as you discover the best practical and powerful mental and lifestyle strategies to Unleash Your Mind's Superhuman Powers so you can:

  • Dramatically Reduce Overwhelm
  • Be More Productive & Save Precious Time
  • Become a Human Calculator
  • Enhance Your Brain Health
  • Read Faster & Improve Comprehension
  • Boost Your Memory (Remember More in Less Time)
  • Activate Your Whole Brain
  • Sharpen Your Focus & Concentration
  • Reduce Stress & Mind Wandering
  • Think Faster, Smarter & Better
  • Solve Problems & Boost Creativity
  • Innovate Powerfully
  • Learn Anything in Minimal Time
  • And Much More

How Can I Participate Online?

With the internet, today's classroom is not limited to four walls.

You can get the same learning WITHOUT having to board a plane, leave home (or even put on shoes for that matter!)

What this means is you can now participate in the entire event from the comfort of your computer... in real time!

And not just watch passively, but LIVE CHAT, ask QUESTIONS to speakers, do EXERCISES, WIN PRIZES and so much more.

All while you discover how to optimally use and get the most from the most advanced power on the planet... your brain!

And Don't worry - if you cannot make time to be in front of your screen the entire time - there is an option to watch the private recordings afterwards!

How Much Is It (Is It Really Only $10)?

Here's the best part... we've made it affordable for EVERYONE, a literal 'no-brainer.'

You can enjoy the Entire Live Broadcast For Only $10 (or just a little more for private replays).

The information you will be learning is priceless, and would normally be sold for thousands of dollars. Seats are full, click here to join the waiting list.

But our mission is to help unleash the powers of countless superheroes around the world. So right now, you can join the entire event live online for only $10.

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  • 1:00 PM — 6:00 PM

    Friday, May 25th

  • 8:30 AM — 6:00 PM

    Saturday, May 26th

  • 8:30 AM — 6:00 PM

    Sunday, May 27th

* If you can't make all these times, there is a 7 day and 30 day replay option for your convenience!

Here’s our promise:

Join and play fully with us and we guarantee you’ll discover more practical and powerfully usable strategies and tools to improve your memory, focus, and brainpower than you ever imagined.

The speakers are that incredible, the material is that practical & powerful, and you are that amazing!

“The real keys to be highly effective in life, to really understanding brain health and emotional intelligence and how to play smarter, bigger, better faster and do it easily.”
- Gary Goldstein, Producer Pretty Woman
“I had several epiphanies and one of them when Scott the human calculator was talking... He's brilliant and I just think that anyone and everyone could learn that and it would literally change their life right now.”
- Alannah, Education Uprising
“If you even think that you want to take your brain to another level, you've got to come to this type of program because Jim puts on quality all the way.”
- Robert and Roxanna Riopel
“Before this I was one of those people who had brain trauma with a motor vehicle accident. And after medical school I had one near death experience and since then I've been having trouble remembering things, long term especially. Now I feel incredible by knowing that I have methods and systems in place now that I can practice and remember more things.”
- Dr. Margareta
“SuperheroYou is such a great event, great learning, just tremendous things going on. You have to come!”
- Mariel Hemingway, Best-Selling Author, Actress, Advocate
“I believe there's a superhero in each of us. At SuperheroYou, you'll discover how to unleash your Superhero powers.”
- Stan Lee

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