Marilu Henner Gives You a Memory Makeover

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SuperheroYou just keeps getting better :)

Last week we announced world renown education & innovation expert Sir Ken Robinson is sharing his gems with you on superhero learning & creativity.

 This week, we are excited to welcome actress and memory expert Marilu Henner to our upcoming SuperheroYou live stream!

The star of Taxi, has been all over television this week (from CBS This Morning to Anderson Cooper) because of her rare ability to REMEMBER NEARLY EVERY EVENT IN HER LIFE.

In fact, she is one of only twelve documented cases of highly superior auto-biographical memory (HSAM) who have this ability.

In this exclusive SuperheroYou presentation she will discuss how her memory works and then share specific tips to unlock your very own autobiographical memory.

With this superpower, you can remember more of your past AND recall it more clearly, so you can change your life for the better now.

Live the superhero life you were meant to have and let your memories (and your SuperheroYou mentors) be your guide.

Special Fast Start Bonus!

Register right now for the conference live stream and we’ll include a very special interactive Q&A with Marilu following her presentation.

We will be accepting your questions for her to answer!

How would you like to recall past memories faster and stop them from fading? Or teach your children how to have their own superhero memories?

Join us for SuperheroYou Live Stream, it will be an experience you will never forget.

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