Practical Genius with Gina Rudan

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What’s your Genius?

Most people consider genius to be a gift, a “lightning bolt from the gods” that strikes only a select elite like Tesla, Einstein or Mozart.

They see it as a quality—like creativity—that has a magical, exclusive, elusive connotation.

That is simply not true, says SuperheroYou presenter Gina Rudan.

In this exclusive video from last month’s SuperheroYou Brainpower Conference, you will see why every one of us has a capacity for genius.

Gina Rudan is the president of Genuine Insights Inc. She is the author of PRACTICAL GENIUS: The Real Smarts You Need to Get Your Passions and Talents Working for You. She spoke on the subject of genius at the 2010 TED Global conference at Oxford University.

Enjoy this training, please post your comments below and share this video to help others unleash their super genius.

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