Superhero Conference

The Annual SuperheroYou Conference

SuperheroYou combines education & entertainment to inspire intelligent events and experiences that spark deep connections, collaboration, creativity and change.

Our flagship annual “Change Your Brain, Change the World” conference features a renown faculty of superhero presenters/experts. Participants come worldwide to join other dynamic thinkers, doers and dreamers who have a deep passion for learning, meeting new minds, and making a difference.

The next SuperheroYou Conference 2015 

Details to be announced. Enter your email for updates and to receive your invitation.


Peter Diamandis
CEO of X Prize, Chairman of Singularity University

“A real thanks to the whole SuperheroYou team for the minds that they are creating, how they are empowering people to change the world and commit to making this a better planet.”

Marilu Henner
Actress, Best-Selling Author

“What did I think about this event? I thought it was smart, funny, sexy, inspiring, fabulous, oh no, wait a minute; I’m talking about Jim Kwik. The event is just like Jim!”

Dr. Daniel Amen
Best-Selling Author, Physician

“You want to be a great superhero? It starts with a healthy brain. If you want to have a great business, it starts with a healthy brain. If you want to be a great husband, wife, mother, grandfather, it starts w/ a healthy brain.”

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