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7 Weekly Rituals for A Superhero Life

Time and time again, business magazines have bombarded us with the importance of rituals. Successful people get up early, exercise daily, meditate…the list goes on and on. The problem? Most of us are hard-pressed to find time to fit one activity into our daily lives, let alone all 50. So why not think of them […]

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3 Steps to Creativity from Sir Ken Robinson

Think you’re a creative person? A lot of us would say no – but what exactly is creativity? Who needs it? And does it really matter anyway? These were the questions Sir Ken Robinson addressed last week. Sir Ken is a globally renowned expert on creativity, one we had at a SuperheroYou conference back in […]

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Simon Sinek’s 4 Traits of Great Leaders

The US military abounds with stories of soldiers sacrificing their lives to save each other. And when you ask a hero how they could be so brave, the answer is always the same. “Because they would have done it for me.” When Simon Sinek, author of Leaders Eat Last, heard about these military heroes, he […]

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