superheroyou digitize closet

5 Ways to Digitize Your Closet

When we brought you 8 Fashion Apps to Improve Your Closet, we talked about the closet organizing app Stylebook. But there are so many more ways to digitize your closet! Here are 5 to try. 1. Stylish Girl. Stylish Girl is one of the rare closet apps that works with both Android and iOS. Take […]

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superheroyou adult coloring books

10 Adult Coloring Books to Try

Want to get mindful without meditating? Consider buying a coloring book. Coloring in intricate designs in these new coloring books geared towards adults is a therapeutic way to relax. Not convinced? Adult coloring books have topped bestseller lists in the past few months. Here are 10 you might want to try. 1. Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure […]

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superheroyou multipurpose oils

10 Multipurpose Oils Everyone Should Have

You can use oils for more than just cooking – like making your own cleaning products, improving your skin and hair, and more. Unfortunately, you don’t have unlimited space in your pantry! That’s why we’ve collected 10 oils you can use for pretty much anything. 1. Coconut Oil. The ultimate jack-of-all-trades, coconut oil can be used […]

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superheroyou remote productivity

10 Productivity Tips for Remote Workers

Ever wished you could work from home? For many people, that dream is increasingly becoming a reality as the Internet lets us work from practically anywhere. Working remotely has many benefits. You can stay home with your kids or jet off to Borneo. Unfortunately, without co-workers and superiors constantly around to keep you in check, […]

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superheroyou alcohol intake

10 Reasons to Cut Back on Your Alcohol Intake

Is drinking alcohol good or bad for you? It’s a common question and, like many things, the answer is: it depends. Studies have shown both health benefits and risks from alcohol – many of which depend on how much you drink. An alcoholic definitely needs to stop drinking, while a glass of wine once a […]

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