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Brain Tip of the Week: Visualize

We’ve all been there: you see someone and recognize his face. Unfortunately, you can’t remember his name no matter how much you rack your brain. But have you ever wondered why you always recognize the face and not the name – instead of the other way around? It all has to do with your visual […]

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superheroyou lgbt+ superheroes

7 Real-Life LGBT+ Superheroes

Last week was a historic one for the LGBT+ community. The Stonewall Inn, site of the 1969 riots that helped spark the modern LGBT+ rights movement, was granted landmark status. In bigger news, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide. But neither of these victories would have been possible without the efforts of these 7 […]

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Book Review: Soul Shifts

As a transformational teacher, Dr. Barbara DeAngelis has dedicated her life to helping people become their ‘highest selves.’ Not sure what that means? You might want to check out Soul Shifts, her 15th (!) book. Physics states that every object is made up of matter vibrating at unique frequencies. Soul Shifts takes that concept to […]

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superheroyou time of day

12 Most Productive Times of Day

What does it mean to be more productive? Most people think of strategies or tools they can use – but they forget that there are clocks they’re not considering. First, we forget to consider external factors like other people’s schedules. Secondly, we forget about our own internal clocks. We have a ‘circadian rhythm’ that tells us when […]

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superheroyou healthy cuisines

8 Healthy Cuisines You Should Try

Healthy food can be delicious if you know how to make it right. But if you don’t? It’s not only boring but tastes bad – think mushy vegetables and dry, tasteless meat. To keep both your health and your taste buds happy, consider trying a recipe from these healthy cuisines instead. 1. South Korean. We’ve […]

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