Superhero Secrets Shawn Stevenson

Superhero Secrets: Shawn Stevenson, ‘Model Health Show’ Host

Want to be healthy? You need to know today’s real-life superhero, Shawn Stevenson. Shawn is the host of the Model Health Show, featured as the #1 Nutrition/Fitness podcast on iTunes. A clinical nutritionist, Shawn has dedicated his life to helping people understand their bodies so they become as healthy as possible. Shawn believes there are […]

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superheroyou summer motivation

10 Ways to Stay Motivated in the Heat

Summer is upon us, which means outdoor happy hours and trips to the beach. But while your mindset might be relaxed, your job doesn’t actually stop in the summer. Having trouble staying motivated in the heat? Here are 10 ways to ensure you don’t waste the summer away. 1. Visualize your goals. Chances are, you […]

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superheroyou productivity slow

10 Ways to Be Productive on A Slow Day

Everybody has slow days at work – especially during the summer, when many industries slow down. But that’s not an excuse to online shop during work hours. Stay productive instead of watching the seconds tick by with the following ideas. 1. Organize your physical space. It’s tough to work efficiently when your desk is a […]

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8 Great Photo-Editing Apps

It used to be that we could all just enjoy a sunset without taking a hundred pictures of it. But now not only do we spend 20 minutes snapping pics, we also spend another 20 trying to figure out the best filter to put on that image. That’s why we’ve collected the best apps to […]

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8 Health Benefits of Summer

It’s almost summer, which is an exciting statement for most people. But did you know that the season can be good for your health too? Here are 8 reasons why. 1. It’s easier to eat healthier. When it’s cold out, we crave comfort foods – especially on holidays like Thanksgiving. But there are far fewer […]

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