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Superhero Secrets Madison Peach Steiner

Superhero Secrets: Madison Peach Steiner

At 20, most of us were still struggling to pick out our college major. Not Madison Peach Steiner, our latest guest on Superhero Secrets. At 20, Madison founded Peach’s Neet Feet, a random acts of kindness-based foundation that sends hand painted shoes to sick children to help celebrate their uniqueness. It’s often all too easy […]

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50 Superhero Gifts for Adults

Happy Holidays, Superheroes! For many of us, the holidays mean buying (and receiving!) gifts. But it can be tough to find your superhero-loving friend the perfect present, since most superhero-themed gifts are geared towards kids. That’s why we’ve found superhero gifts for adults in every price range, so you can get  a great gift for both your […]

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bulletproof featured image

Needed: A ‘Bulletproof’ Body

We’re all about real-life superheroes who are ultra-smart and do good deeds. But Black Widow and Captain America wouldn’t be nearly as impressive without their incredible physiques. While we’re not eligible for the Super-Soldier project, we do have one secret weapon: Dave Asprey. Dave is a Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur who used to be […]

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Brandon Routh SS Featured Image

Superhero Secrets: Brandon Routh

You might not know the name Brandon Routh, but you’ve definitely seen him on your screen. He starred as Clark Kent/Superman in 2006’s Superman Returns and is currently playing The Atom on Arrow – which makes him especially suited to a stint on Superhero Secrets. It’s not often we chat with someone who got to play […]

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Pencil-Wielding Superheroes Take #SuperheroHQ

Nowadays, college students can’t imagine giving up their laptops to take notes by hand. But when Adam Braun asked a child in India what he wanted most in the world, the answer was simple: a pencil. Inspired by that powerful encounter, Adam founded Pencils of Promise, a non-profit organization that builds school and increases access to education […]

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