superheroyou sustainable eating

12 Ways to Eat Sustainably

By now, it’s pretty clear that our environment is in trouble. It’s an overwhelming problem, and most people feel like they can’t do anything about it. However, there is a way you can help, and that’s by rethinking the choices you make about food. Eating sustainably not only helps the environment, it’s also better for […]

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superheroyou aeromobil

5 Tech Tools We Want From SXSW 2015

SXSW takes Austin, TX by storm each year. Our favorite part? All of the awesome tech innovations that come out of it. But a lot of it is very specialized (like a keyboard for gamers) and not designed for the general population. That’s why we’ve picked out 5 tech innovations we think you’d love. 1. […]

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superhero secrets vani hari part 2

Superhero Secrets: Vani Hari, Part 2

As the brains behind and the author of the recently released The Food Babe Way, Vani Hari has devoted her life to educating Americans about what’s really in our food – and changing some of those dangerous ingredients. On Friday, Vani shared her origin story with us. In today’s #SuperheroSecrets, Vani gives us practical tips […]

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superheroyou brain tip 12

Brain Tip of the Week: Get Pumped

Think back to the days you were super-excited to go to school. What do you remember about those days? Now, what do you remember from 10th grade algebra? Chances are, you remember the days that you wanted to go to school – whether that was your field day or the day you asked out your […]

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superheroyou minimalism

A Beginner’s Guide to Minimalism

In recent years, people have jumped on the minimalism bandwagon. But what exactly is it? Should you try it? And how can you get started? We’ve got answers, in our Beginner’s Guide to Minimalism. At its heart, minimalism is about living simply and intentionally. We accumulate tons of stuff as we move through our lives. […]

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