Become a Better Bookworm: 15 Ways to Read More

How many books have you read this year? If you can’t count the number on two hands, you’re in the minority. Most people read fewer than 10 books a year, and nearly 25% of Americans hardly read any books at all. But reading is essential for real-life Superheroes. Not reading books means you’re not taking […]

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Superhero Secrets Shawn Stevenson

Superhero Secrets: Shawn Stevenson, ‘Model Health Show’ Host

Want to be healthy? You need to know today’s real-life superhero, Shawn Stevenson. Shawn is the host of the Model Health Show, featured as the #1 Nutrition/Fitness podcast on iTunes. A clinical nutritionist, Shawn has dedicated his life to helping people understand their bodies so they become as healthy as possible. Shawn believes there are […]

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superheroyou One Incredibly Simple Trick to Help You Focus

One Incredibly Simple Trick to Help You Focus

Happy Monday, Superheroes! Chances are, you probably have a meeting today – and you are going to have trouble concentrating. After all, meetings can be useful, but they can also be really incredibly boring. Who can blame you for spacing out? Answer: your bosses, who will be less than thrilled if they ask you a […]

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Simran Sethi headshot

Interview with Simran Sethi, Author of Bread, Wine, Chocolate

Simran Sethi is an award-winning journalist who’s spent decades teaching the world about the environment and social change. Her latest venture? Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love is a wake-up call that shows us how we’re slowly losing all of our favorite foods. We sat down with this real-life superhero to learn about […]

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