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Kitchen Tips for Healthy Living

If you’ve never been able to transform your eating habits, you probably think you simply don’t have enough willpower. But willpower is a resource, so the best way to eat healthier is to look at how your kitchen is affecting your nutrition. Luckily, we did a lot of the work for you – just follow […]

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9 More Ways to Hack Your Willpower

Yesterday, we presented 10 Ways to Hack Your Willpower. But we couldn’t pack all our information in…so here’s 9 more hacks. 1. Automate as much as possible. The best way to conserve willpower is to stop decisions. Habits make your action automatic, so the more habitual your life is, the better self-control you have for […]

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superheroyou chiune sugihara

Real-Life Superhero of the Week: Chiune Sugihara

It’s not often that we honor a WWII-era hero who was on the Japanese side, but no matter what side he fought for Chiune Sugihara is a real-life superhero. Chiune was born in 1900 in Gifu Prefecture, and eventually served in Japan’s Foreign Ministry. He was appointed Deputy Foreign Minister in Manchuria – his main duty was […]

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10 Ways to Hack Your Willpower

It’s a common insult leveled at weak willed people around the world: “You have no self-control.” In fact, a 2011 study revealed that people consider a lack of willpower to be our biggest weakness. The problem? Willpower isn’t a character trait. You have to learn how to use willpower to your best advantage, but most of […]

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Brain Tip of the Week: Read

Happy Read Across America Day! In honor of this much-needed holiday, our Brain Tip of the Week is to READ. Why read? Reading offers a host of little-known benefit. It improves memory, focus and concentration. It decreases stress. Reading can even make you a nicer person by increasing your empathy. Reading is also especially important if you’re trying […]

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