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SuperheroYouth Adora Svitak

SuperheroYouth: Adora Svitak

Adora Svitak is sitting in her freshman dorm room at UC Berkeley as we begin our interview. It sounds pretty normal – until you realize that Adora is still one month shy of her 17th birthday. Adora’s been affectionately dubbed the “child prodigy” by her floormates, and the moniker is more than apt. At 7, […]

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10 Healthy Habits for Fall

Forget New Year’s resolutions – at SuperheroYou, we’re all about making goals in the fall. Autumn is a surprisingly unhealthy season. We’re more stressed as lazy beach days give way to academic and professional commitments. We exercise less and we eat more – in fact, Americans on average eat 200 more calories daily in the […]

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10 soft skills

10 Soft Skills You Must Master to Be Successful

How do I become successful? The answer to this question is often riddled with what we call ‘hard skills.’ Get an MBA. Study computer science. But there are some traits successful people have across all industries. That’s why we’ve gathered the 10 soft skills you must master to become successful. 1) How to Listen. Think […]

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6 Ways to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Even the most together person has days where they feel like they’re one missed bus away from a mental breakdown. If the idea of tackling your lengthy to-do list makes you reach for a stiff drink, the following tips are for you. 1. Rest. This is number one because it’s the most important. Ignore the […]

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6 studies aug 26

6 Studies to Pay Attention to This Week

Each week, hundreds of useful studies are published, but who has time to sift through all that information? Lucky for you, we do! Here are 6 superhero studies to pay attention to this week. 1) Want to learn better? Learn to teach – or just pretend to do so. It’s now fairly common knowledge that […]

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