Superhero Secrets Charles Michael Yim

Superhero Secrets: Charles Michael Yim, Shark Tank Winner

Ever heard of Shark Tank? Then perhaps you’ve heard of Charles Michael Yim, who famously convinced 5 ‘sharks’ on the show to invest a combined $1 million in his startup Breathometer. It’s the world’s first smartphone breathalyzer – designed to make sure you always get home safely. Since his successful stint on Shark Tank, Charles has garnered […]

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8 Books You Need to Read About the Environment

Earth Day has come and gone, but just because we don’t think about them, doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about environmental issues all year round. Read up on on the most important ones with the following books about the environment. 1. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. Considered by many to have spawned the birth […]

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5 ‘Healthy’ Snacks to Avoid

As hard as we try, it’s still a chore to try and eat right. Improving our diet can have positive effects on our health, but it’s still hard to know which snacks help us become healthy and which just pack on the pounds. Never fear Superheroes! Before you add anything to your grocery list, make sure […]

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14 Great Relationship Habits to Implement

What’s the difference between a happy couple and an unhappy couple? Happy couples don’t just do one thing differently, it’s the way happy couples do the little things differently that add up. Here are 14 great habits that you might want to implement to improve your relationships. 1. Spend quality time together. According to a UVA study, […]

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9 Ways to Become An Environmental Superhero

Happy Earth Day, Superheroes! There are several events going on today – click here to find one in your neighborhood. But being a true environmental superhero requires action every day of the year. Here are a few you can try. 1. Pick up litter. Picking up litter seems useless, but it can actually have dramatic […]

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