Staff in Woodlands office, Bedford, February 2010.

20 Ways to Stay Positive At Work

Down in the dumps at work? You’re not alone. A 2010 survey by the Conference Board found that just 45% of US workers are satisfied at work. Negativity at the office is not only bad for your mood, but it could also be making you sick. Chronic stress produces a slow drip of cortisol in your […]

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superheroyou vitamins

10 Vitamins Your Body Needs More Of

At SuperheroYou, we believe our bodies are our temples. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. Luckily we’ve compiled a list of nutrients your body desperately needs so you can unlock your true potential. 1. Vitamin D Not only is vitamin D essential to bone strength and helping your body absorb calcium, vitamin D deficiency […]

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Superhero Secrets: Alexa Meade

Nowadays, many of us are obsessed with making 2D images more realistic – think 3D movies. But for Alexa Meade, our latest guest on #SuperheroSecrets, it’s just the opposite. Alexa paints three-dimensional objects to make them look two-dimensional. (Confused how this works? Check out her TED talk.) Alexa’s art is incredibly unique, but all that […]

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Brain Tip of the Week: Believe In Yourself

“I’m really bad with names.” “I have a terrible memory.” “I’m just not that smart.” All of us have had these thoughts at some point in our lives. But have you ever wondered what would have you happen if you had a little bit more confidence? That’s where our Brain Tip of the Week comes […]

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SuperheroSecrets Christina Rasmussen

Superhero Secrets: Christina Rasmussen

We’ve had a lot of pretty incredible superheroes on #SuperheroSecrets, but our latest guest is definitely our most unique. Christina Rasmussen has dedicated her life to helping people start over after loss – founding a website and writing a book called Second Firsts. She’s also starting a brand-new nonprofit called the Life Starters, a social […]

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