8 Time-Saving Hacks

If there’s one thing that we love, it’s finding ways to become more efficient and thus productive. That’s why we rounded up these 8 time-saving hacks. 1. Make lemon juice cubes. Tea with lemon is the perfect drink hot or cold – but making your own can be so annoying, which is why we reach for […]

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superheroyou care illness

5 Ways You Can Help Care for Someone Who’s Ill

Caring for people is a normal part of life. But caring for people when they’re sick or injured can leave us scrambling and unsure how we can help. That’s why we compiled these tips. So the next time someone you care about needs assistance, you can spring into action faster than a speeding bullet! 1. Cook. Even […]

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How to Fight Less with Your Partner

No one likes fighting – it’s stressful no matter who you do it with. But when you do it with your partner, it goes from stressful to painful. Want to fight less? Figure out why you’re fighting. It’s pretty unlikely that your boyfriend is truly furious because you didn’t do the dishes. Identifying the underlying issue might […]

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superheroyou herbal remedies

10 Common Ailments to Treat with Herbs

Most of us pop a pill every time we feel a little off. But people have been taking herbal remedies for thousands of years before the advent of pharmaceuticals! Here are 10 remedies for common ailments worth looking into. Disclaimer: The information in this article and site are not intended or implied to be a […]

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superheroyou proper apology

8 Steps to A Proper Apology

We’ve all wronged someone, and we’ve all been wronged. No matter hard you try to be perfect, screwing up is inevitable. But once you do, how you apologize to whomever you’ve wronged can mean the difference between repairing the relationship and never seeing them again. Follow our tips to do it right. 1. Mean it. […]

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